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Eliott Rockett


Director of Photography - Pearl, X, and MaXXXine

A24 Production

Carter has a strong sense of visual storytelling and a desire to tell it in a way that has emotional resonance, and this is present throughout all of his work.  Additionally, Carter understands how a shot can have emotional quality!  He can parse out the emotional subtext of any given moment and make the shot about that, not just a shot about the text, which is very unusual at Carter's age!

Marshall Curry

Director, Producer, Cinematographer, & Editor

Academy Award Winner

Three-time Academy Award Nominee  

Emmy Award Nominee

Sundance, AFI & Tribeca Film Festival WInner

Carter, congratulations on your work! After checking out Carter's portfolio, I see he's a prolific filmmaker! I'm excited to follow his career. Good luck, and keep up the great work, Carter!

Morgen A. Whiteman

Carter's website/portfolio is incredible. It highlights all of his skills and successes and gives a wonderfully comprehensive overview of his exceptional work. Carter should be proud of everything he's accomplished so far. There is no doubt that he has a bright future ahead of him!

Film & TV Director
AFI Conservatory's Directing MFA Program Graduate
LA Shorts & AFI Film Festival Alum.
2024 AWD Rising Director Fellowship Class


Tim Palmer


Professor of the Practice, Cinematography

Department of Film and Television

Boston University

Carter may still be a high school student, but his work knocks the socks off many so-called professional filmmakers. He is entirely in control of his tools, one of which is his superb drone shots—not just gratuitous shots but proper storytelling shots. The day-for-night lighting Carter uses in his short The Fatal Affair is also very effective and shows he does his research!

Ty Clancey

Writer, Director, Editor, Show-Runner
Owner, Victor House Films
Screamfest LA, Sidewalk, & Catalina Island Film Festival Alum.

Carter's portfolio looks great! He's miles beyond what I had made at his age!  In addition, getting into the Catalina Film Festival is an enormous accomplishment—An incredible achievement for a High School Junior.  

Vahan Bedelian

Writer, Director, Editor
2023 Tribecca Film Festival (Official Selection)

I do not doubt that Carter will go on to do great things in his career due to his dedication and determination. These are two of a filmmaker's most valuable qualities. The breadth of his accolades at such a young age is impressive.

Samuel Bailey

2nd Assistant Editor

Warner Brothers Entertainment

ACE Student Award Winner for 2021 Eddie Awards

ACE Student Award Nominee 2020 Eddie Awards

Carter's work looks fantastic, and his films and projects show so much ambition, especially for a young filmmaker like himself. His success at film festivals is also amazing. These are no doubt signs of more great things to come! 

Azwan Budruzaman

Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, Actor
Hollyshorts, Filmquest, LA Shorts, & Seattle International Film Festival Alum.

Carter Stoudt is a young and gifted filmmaker with an incredible eye for creating moody atmospherics in his deliciously dark storytelling. With a prolific body of work, Carter's wellspring of creativity is a sight to behold, and I can't wait to see what he does next. He's well on his way to carving out a solid path for himself in the film industry!


Dustin Waldman

Writer, Director, Editor
2023 - Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film
SXSW, Sidewalk, & Indie Memphis Film Festival Alum.

Carter's portfolio is impressive for a young filmmaker. After watching his short film The Fatal Affair, I was impressed with the unexpected inversion at the end, which showed that his skill and execution are miles away from mine at his age. He shows great promise, and I look forward to watching his career develop.

Alex Hanno

Writer & DirectorCo-Owner / Director at The Chameleon Effect
Atlanta Film Festival's Screenplay Competition, ISA’s Screenwriting Fellowship
Austin, Sunscreen, Cardiff Film Festival Alum.

Carter possesses the kind of passion, drive, and tenacity a filmmaker needs to succeed in the industry these days. Though he’s only just begun, he’s already carved out a name for himself on the festival circuit by demonstrating his impressive ability to work across numerous genres and forms. 

Hunter Hadfield

Director, Writer, Editor 
Stowe Story Labs Alum.
Festival De Cannes, Austin, Sunscreen, & Filmquest Film Festival Alum. 

Carter's portfolio is impressive, and his many selections into high-profile film festivals are a huge achievement. I wish I had all this when I was his age!  Congratulations to Carter on all he's accomplished. He's doing everything right. 

I don’t really see how Carter's portfolio could get much better.

Alison Bagnall
Director, Writer, Actress
Sundance, SXSW, London BFI, AFI Film Festival Alum. 

Filmmaker Carter Stoudt's film S.K.R. shows a director full of future prospects.  We were intrigued by this original short film and are looking forward to this young director's strong career path.
-Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival ​
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